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Notice: Undefined index: tempMinRecordTodayYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 90

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Notice: Undefined index: tempMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 94

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Notice: Undefined index: tempMaxAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 101

Notice: Undefined index: tempMaxAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 102

Notice: Undefined index: tempMaxRecordToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 103

Notice: Undefined index: tempMaxRecordTodayYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 104

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Notice: Undefined index: dewpAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 107

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Notice: Undefined index: dewpMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 124

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Notice: Undefined index: appTemp in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 134

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Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 150

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 151

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 152

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 153

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 154

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 155

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 156

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 157

Notice: Undefined index: heatMaxAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 158

Notice: Undefined index: chilAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 160

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Notice: Undefined index: chilMinTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 164

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Notice: Undefined index: chilMinYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 166

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Notice: Undefined index: chilMinMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 168

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Notice: Undefined index: chilMinYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 170

Notice: Undefined index: chilMinAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 171

Notice: Undefined index: chilMinAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 172

Notice: Undefined index: chilMinToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 174

Notice: Undefined index: chilMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 175

Notice: Undefined index: tempActInside in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 177

Notice: Undefined index: tempActExtra1 in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 178

Notice: Undefined index: tempActExtra2 in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 179

Notice: Undefined index: hudxAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 183

Notice: Undefined index: frombaro in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 187

Notice: Undefined index: baroAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 189

Notice: Undefined index: baroDelta in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 190

Notice: Undefined index: baroTrend in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 191

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 193

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 194

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 195

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 196

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 197

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 198

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 199

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 200

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 201

Notice: Undefined index: baroMinAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 202

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 204

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 205

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 206

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 207

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 208

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 209

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 210

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 211

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 212

Notice: Undefined index: baroMaxAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 213

Notice: Undefined index: humiAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 215

Notice: Undefined index: humiDelta in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 216

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 218

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 219

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 220

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 221

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 222

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 223

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 224

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 225

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 226

Notice: Undefined index: humiMinAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 227

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 229

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 230

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 231

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 232

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 233

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 234

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 235

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 236

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 237

Notice: Undefined index: humiMaxAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 238

Notice: Undefined index: humiInAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 240

Notice: Undefined index: humiActExtra1 in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 241

Notice: Undefined index: humiActExtra2 in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 242

Notice: Undefined index: fromrain in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 244

Notice: Undefined index: rainRateAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 246

Notice: Undefined index: rainHourAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 247

Notice: Undefined index: rainRateMaxToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 249

Notice: Undefined index: rainRateMaxYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 250

Notice: Undefined index: rainToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 254

Notice: Undefined index: rainYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 255

Notice: Undefined index: rainWeek in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 256

Notice: Undefined index: rainMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 257

Notice: Undefined index: rainYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 258

Notice: Undefined index: rainTodayLow in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 260

Notice: Undefined index: rainYdayLow in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 261

Notice: Undefined index: rainYdayHigh in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 262

Notice: Undefined index: rainRateYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 263

Notice: Undefined index: rainDayMnth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 264

Notice: Undefined index: rainDayYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 265

Notice: Undefined index: rainDaysWithNo in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 266

Notice: Undefined index: etToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 268

Notice: Undefined index: etYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 269

Notice: Undefined index: etMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 270

Notice: Undefined index: etYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 271

Notice: Undefined index: fromwind in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 273

Notice: Undefined index: windAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 275

Notice: Undefined index: gustAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 276

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxHour in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 277

Notice: Undefined index: windActDsc in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 279

Notice: Undefined index: windActDir in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 280

Notice: Undefined index: windAvgDir in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 281

Notice: Undefined index: windBeafort in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 283

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 285

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 286

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 287

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxYTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 288

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 289

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 290

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 291

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 292

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 293

Notice: Undefined index: gustMaxAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 294

Notice: Undefined index: fromdistance in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 298

Notice: Undefined index: windrunToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 300

Notice: Undefined index: uvAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 302

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 303

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 304

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 305

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 306

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 307

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 308

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 309

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 310

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 311

Notice: Undefined index: uvMaxAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 312

Notice: Undefined index: solarAct in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 314

Notice: Undefined index: solarActPerc in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 315

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxToday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 316

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxTodayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 317

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxYday in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 318

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxYdayTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 319

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxMonth in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 320

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxMonthTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 321

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxYear in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 322

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxYearTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 323

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxAll in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 324

Notice: Undefined index: solarMaxAllTime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 325

Notice: Undefined index: fromheight in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 327

Notice: Undefined index: cloudHeight in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 328

Notice: Undefined index: fcstTxt in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 330

Notice: Undefined index: moonrise in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 332

Notice: Undefined index: moonset in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 333

Notice: Undefined index: lunarPhasePerc in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 334

Notice: Undefined index: lunarAge in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 337

Notice: Undefined index: lunarAge in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 340

Notice: Undefined index: trendsMinutes in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 346

Notice: Undefined index: tempArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 347

Notice: Undefined index: windArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 348

Notice: Undefined index: gustArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 349

Notice: Undefined index: wdirArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 350

Notice: Undefined index: humiArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 351

Notice: Undefined index: baroArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 352

Notice: Undefined index: rainArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 353

Notice: Undefined index: uvArray in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 354

Notice: Undefined index: wsVersion in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 357

Notice: Undefined index: wsBuild in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 357

Notice: Undefined index: wsUptime in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 359

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 91

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/weerst72/domains/ on line 97

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